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Case Study:

I hate Nick Finck.  Or, more appropriately I hate Things That Are Brown.  And by “hate” I of course mean “envy”.

I find competitive analysis to be an essential tool for design.  In my quest to design a more appropriate layout and theme for my blog, I did my due diligence and searched the web high and low for portfolio sites from which to get ideas from.  This analysis not only grounds you with a firm baseline of what is expected of your design, but often yields a nice list of action items that can be used to outdo your competitors.

I’m a big fan of simple and direct.  I believe that if you can take something away from a design and it still works, do it.  Which is why I immediately envied Nick Finck’s website.  The scribbles on my quad-ruled pad and my chosen color palette to that point were very similar to what he already had decided to place in front of me.  What’s more is that he’s also in the same field as I am, so it would be bad taste to copy him.  Instead I’ll use his website as a case study.
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